Student’s Code of Conduct

FIIS school emphasizes the responsibility of guiding students to exhibit good behavior, make sound choices, and make effective decisions as part of their overall development. It not only reinforces positive behavior, but also correct wrong behavior in a way that respects the dignity and individuality of the student.

For the sake of discipline and safety, the school constantly monitors the movement of students all around during breaks, on the bus, during school activities. Students are expected to adhere to the principles of respect, honesty and courtesy towards others at all times.

The Courtesy Code

  • Respectful behavior towards all members of the School community is expected.
  • Always care, cooperate, and show good sportsmanship.
  • Abusing, backbiting, harassing, bullying or physically harming others are all unacceptable.
  • Inappropriate behavior in class indicates lack of respect for the school community; consequently, it will subject the person responsible to penalty.

School Furniture Damage

Please keep all furniture in good condition by not writing or scratching the surfaces. Any damage done to school property will result in monetary compensation for repairs or replacement. Intentional sabotage of school property or that of others will result in subjecting the person responsible to a disciplinary action.

Personal Items

Toys, comics, make-up, jewelry, perfume, DVD players, electronic games, magazines and other personal, non-related items are not permitted at school. Also, cell phones are prohibited at school. Any of the mentioned items, if found on campus, will be confiscated. Any confiscated items will be returned to parents at the first time, and will be confiscated till the end of the year if repeated.