Discipline Policies

All students are expected to follow school rules and regulations. Students who misbehave will receive a verbal warning for the first time. This is to give them the opportunity to reflect on and change negative behaviors.

  • If it happens again, a second warning will be issued and the parent will be notified.
  • In the third time, the student will be subjected to a penalty according to the action committed and the parent will be called to discuss the student’s misbehavior and ways to improve it. In more serious cases, the principal may arrange an in-school suspension or out-school suspension.

In-school suspension means that the student attends the school, yet he or she will not be allowed into the classroom and will be seated alone in a specified area to finish given tasks. However, the student will be provided the student with the material taught that day.

Tardiness or Incomplete Assignment

Homework is an important tool for assessing student learning. Teachers can provide quick feedback to modify teaching and naturally fill gaps in student learning. If your homework is not turned in by the deadline, the school will take the following steps:

  • Verbal warning given to student for the first time.
  • Break Detention and Parent Notification for the second time.
  • Summoning of parent for Conference to sign a warning for the third time.
  • In-school suspension.
  • Out-school suspension.

Dress Code Violation

  • Student to be given a verbal warning as well as having the parent informed of the committed violation.
  • Parents would be contacted to pick up student.
  • Suspend student attendance until parents show a commitment to ensure proper dress code.

Brining Personal Items

Any of non-school items, such as phones or tablets, will be confiscated and parents will be asked to come to take them. If it is important for a student to bring his/her mobile phone, please let the front desk know. In this case, the mobile phone will be handed over to the person in charge of the stage and submit it to the student when leaving.


  • Verbal warning to student and will be asked to clean the litter that was thrown.
  • Break detention.

Obscene Language/Bullying or Aggression

  • Detention and a pledge will have to be made for no further repetition.
  • Contact parents.
  • Parent conference.
  • Internal suspension.
  • Out-school suspension

Breaking Bus Regulations

  • Verbal warning to student.
  • Contact parents.
  • Depriving from bus services for 1 day, and if repeated again the student will not be allowed to use the bus service for the rest of the year.

School Property Sabotage

  • Break detention and clearing the caused mess.
  • If the damage is irreversible, internal suspension till the parent pays for repairing the damage.

Viewing or Downloading Unauthorized Material/Playing Games

            Out-school suspension from 1-3 days according to the violation.

Teacher Disrespect and Session Disruption

  • Deprive of a PE session and is assigned tasks, parent is to be notified.
  • Contact parents.
  • Parent conference.
  • In-school suspension.
  • Out of school suspension.

Copy Rights Infringement/Plagiarism

  • In case of cheating, the student gets a zero and will not be allowed to retake the test.
  • In case of plagiarism and copying of assignments; the student will be asked to resubmit the assignment according to a schedule provided by the teacher.
  • In-school suspension.