Communication Channels

We believe that maintaining effective communication channels between the school and parents is critical factor to student success. Here are the official links that have been established:

Parent’s Care Department PCD

PCD is created to respond to your any questions or complaints, you can contact the Parent care employee between 8:30 am and 1:00 pm. Our representatives will respond to your questions immediately and provide feedback within 24 hours. You can ask a parent-teacher or parent-social worker to schedule a meeting to discuss your concerns.

School Website

The school published an interactive website and will be available from the beginning of the school year. Each student and parent will be given a username and password to access his/her website account.

School Handbook

It is intended to provide orientation for parents and therefore also for students. This is necessary to familiarize yourself with our rules and procedures. We encourage parents and their children to go through them together to find answers to their questions so that they can easily join to our school.

School Calendar

The school calendar includes appointments for meetings, school trips, holidays and school events. All event details will be published on the school website.

Weekly Plan

Classwork, homework, required resources and due dates for assignments are set in a weekly schedule that is sent in advance to parents of elementary and middle school students. This plan covers all subjects and makes it easy for parents to track their child’s performance. If unforeseen circumstances require changes during the week, a notification will be sent to parents informing them of such changes.

Parents – Teachers Conferences

Parents-teachers meetings will be held to discuss student progress or lack thereof. This is important to identify learning gaps and develop plans to improve student learning. The dates of Parent-teacher meetings will be announced in the school calendar.

Parent Visits

Parents can call the PCD and make an appointment with their child’s teacher to discuss any concerns. If an urgently and unscheduled teacher meeting takes place, it will take place when the teacher is free and has no pre-scheduled tasks at that time. It is not allowed to interrupt classes for any reason. During parent visits, students may be excused from the class if necessary but will not leave with the parent until the end of school.