FIIS support students with a wide-range of co-curricular activities that help them to develop and make the most of their potential. These activities are customized to use inquiry-based learning and world-class learning strategies.

Co-Curricular Activities

Teachers provide curricular activities regularly in all subjects that are part of the curriculum of a school. These activities are usually related to the subject matter being taught in the classroom and are designed to help students to be more engaged and enrich their experience during learn. They are good opportunity to apply the material they have been taught and connect it with real life application. Examples of curricular activities include field trips, laboratory experiments, and group projects.

Extra-curricular Activities

On the other hand, school offers activities that take place outside of the classroom but may still relate to one subject or more. They provide students with an opportunity to develop skills such as teamwork, leadership, and communication in a more relaxed setting than a traditional classroom setting.

Field Trips

School field trips are an important part of the educational experience. They provide students with an opportunity to explore the world outside of the classroom and gain a better understanding of what they are learning. Field trips can also be a great way for students to bond with their classmates and build relationships that will last long after they have graduated.

Field trips can take many forms, from visiting a museum or historical site to participating in a hands-on activity such as a nature hike or service project.

When planning a field trip, school considers many things including:

  1. The safety of students is first priority.
  2. Permissions is necessary from parents and guardians,
  3. school provide a safe and reliable transportation.
  4. fees covering the expenses of each field trip is decided upon the place where the site.
  5. Extra instructions will be sent in the trip notice related to meals or dress code.